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2017-11-25, 14:41
After nine years on the App Store, Apple has announced to remove iPeng Classic from the store by early December.

We are a little sad to inform you that Apple will remove our iPeng Classic app (for iPhone) from the App Store within the next weeks. Since the Classic app doesn’t work under iOS 11, and Apple doesn’t want any apps that only support older versions of the operating system on the store, the end of our first, classic iPhone app is now inevitably approaching. While we do of course expect this with a little melancholy – after all iPeng Classic was our first product on the App Store and also one of the first functioning iPhone remote control apps on the market ever –, we are more than happy about the lasting popularity of iPeng 9 and the smooth transition that most of you seem to experience with its latest update to iOS 11.

To those of you who have only recently purchased the Classic app or want to continue using the app with an older device: please make sure to keep your iCloud backups activated since this will possibly be the only remaining way to install or re-install the app in the future (we will try to make at least re-downloads from the App Store available, but there’s no guarantee that this will work)!
And to those of you who are currently planning to update to iPeng 9 but haven’t done it yet: if you want to use an Upgrade Bundle to update, you can only do so as long as the app is still available, the Upgrade Bundle for iPeng Classic for iPhone will be removed from the App Store together with the app.

We are, and have always been, striving to permanently improve our apps and to provide you with the best applicability and music listening experience possible and will continue to do so in the future. We would like to thank you, our customers, for your trust and enthusiasm that has carried us over the years and made iPeng to what it is now – one of the leading iPhone Remote apps with a top ten position on the App Store in many European countries.

So again, a warm thanks to all of you,
and as always: have fun with iPeng!

For a slideshow of the iPeng Classic versions over time, visit

http://penguinlovesmusic.de/wp-content/gallery/ipeng-classic/iPeng_1.0-1.png http://penguinlovesmusic.de/wp-content/gallery/ipeng-classic/iPhone_1.png

2017-11-25, 15:57
Wow, good times, thanks for all the effort you have put in.

I must have used all the Peng versions and it's still my main way of playing music, maybe 60% iPeng and 40% via spotify and airplay bridge.

Did you mention a new version soon? I'd be happy to pay some more for a new version with iPhone X support.

2017-11-25, 16:51
Yes, iPeng needs a big redesign for the iPhone X support. iOS 11 broke the whole top level UI in iPeng 9 and I'll take the opportunity for a big redesign.

The problematic code is primarily rooted in legacy limitations from iOS 7 times so really should go now.
Also, a lot of UI schemes just don't fit the new, bigger devices too well so especially on iPhone the UI will change considerably.

It won't be a new app, though, iPeng X will be an update to iPeng 9 and some first glimpses of the design will come with the updated iPeng Party.

Regarding iPeng Classic ... I'll try to keep it downloadable from the store longer term but I'm not yet sure whether Apple will let me do what I want to try and it also means some work so if you want to continue to use iPeng Classic better make sure to have a backup.

2017-12-19, 07:46
Man that stinks. This is precisely why I avoid apple like the plague. God forbid you try to use an older device and want to install apps, the app store makes sure you're in the dark.

I reinstalled Mac OS X for a friend of mine on an older Macbook Pro. He wanted to redownload the updates and get garage band re-installed. Only problem is that the version on the App Store is only available for a newer OS X, and this laptop isn't compatible.

Why remove old versions?

Planned obsolescence.