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Ian Whalley
2005-01-03, 07:49
Long-time SLIMP3 owner, occasional poster, &c...

I have a moderately large (approx 1200 albums) music
collection stored in MP3 and served by SlimServer to two
SLIMP3s. This works very well, and has done for a couple of
years (ish) now, modulo a few stoppages in the music when
the web UI is used. This is not my point, however.

I've recently started reripping my CDs in FLAC form, and
placing the .flac files next to the .mp3 files. For
example, here's the contents of:
/mnt/audio/farris, amy - anyway
listed as size, then filename:
26341148 01 - drivin' all night long.flac
7302343 01 - drivin' all night long.mp3
26533088 02 - heading east.flac
6415110 02 - heading east.mp3
15746071 03 - undecided.flac
4618718 03 - undecided.mp3
24908874 04 - anyway.flac
5635401 04 - anyway.mp3
22453924 05 - pretty dresses.flac
5920666 05 - pretty dresses.mp3
21145415 06 - my heart's too easy to break.flac
5723926 06 - my heart's too easy to break.mp3
30915384 07 - poor girl.flac
6918330 07 - poor girl.mp3
18466544 08 - hard to say.flac
5300412 08 - hard to say.mp3
27981676 09 - no exist.flac
6706946 09 - no exist.mp3
14580665 10 - big louise.flac
4846925 10 - big louise.mp3
27018876 11 - let go.flac
7403264 11 - let go.mp3
44147 cover.jpg

You'll have to take my word for it that the tags are
identical in the .flac and .mp3 versions of the files -- the
scripts that encode the .flacs get the tags from the
appropriate .mp3s, and I just checked them again :).

The point is that the album listing that comes up in the web
UI contains (correctly) 11 tracks. But it turns out that
some are .flac, and some are .mp3. For example, playing this
album now, tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9 are the .flac
versions, and the others (4, 5, 7, 10, and 11) are the .mp3
versions. This isn't terribly serious, but it does
(unnecessarily) suck some processor on my (underpowered)
server, and that'd be nice to avoid. It also makes
fast-forwarding and -rewinding... well, impossible.

It'd be much preferable if SlimServer only used the .flac if
there was no corresponding .mp3 -- at least in my case,
where I have SLIMP3s. When I upgrade to Squeezeboxen, well,
then I'm going to want it to use the .flac versions with no
transcoding, of course (per
<http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=230> :)), but
failing that, I'm going to want it to PCMify the .flacs and
ignore the .mp3s (only using them where there's no
corresponding .flac).

I'm hopeful that some 'convert.conf' magic can resolve this,
but I couldn't find an equivalent question in the archives.



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