View Full Version : R.I.P. Malcolm & George Young

2017-11-19, 09:30
Malcolm Young passed away on Saturday November 18, 2017 not even a month after his older brother George died on October 22, 2017. AC/DC has had a very rough two years!

Of course Malcolm Young and younger brother Angus are the founding members of AD/DC while older brother George was a founding member of the bands The Easybeats as well as Flash and the Pan. George was also the producer for his two younger brothers AC/DC records.

I must be getting old with so many Rock Legends passing in the last three years. The truly sad thing is there aren't really any talented youth following in there footsteps. I always thought Rock' N' Roll would keep moving forward as the Blues has (Robert Johnson, BB King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kenny Wayne Shepard) with somebody younger always picking up a Fender Strat and falling in love with the Blues. Today's new music seems to be about looking fabulous, showing the most skin, and trying to one up the artist with the current number one Pop Hit. Sure Rock has always been about one upping the other guys, but it was about the music, not who is on the cover of the tabloids!

But I am hoping the skyrocketing download sales of Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song is a reason for hope thanks to a movie giving it exposure to people that never heard it before (Thor Ragnarok).