View Full Version : Squeezebox Classic: Wifi, WPA2-PSK AES

2017-11-17, 06:57
Hello All,

I recently upgraded my home network. In doing so I now have a few extra options for my wireless setting. After some research I found that my SB3 Classic will not connect to WPA2-PSK unless i have TKIP on. Is this a known issue? I would prefer to run AES only.

2017-11-17, 12:01
Interesting enough, an update to lms and then removing tkip again and turning the device on and off seems to work. I suppose only time will tell.

2017-12-01, 10:15
And we dropped again. :(

2017-12-01, 15:07
It would say it is either be your SB3 (WiFi card going bad) or a network router issue. All my WiFi connected Squeezeboxen are connected using WPA2-PSK (AES). I can't check my SB3 as it is on an Ethernet connection because the WiFi died and I was able to use Ethernet so I never replaced the WiFi card. But the Slim Devices Wiki says the SB3 is WPA2 AES compliant so I would be looking at what the new router is doing since that is the main thing that changed.

You don't have any of that PIN or push-button stuff turned on do you? Just using a passcode?

2017-12-02, 03:40
.... All my WiFi connected Squeezeboxen are connected using WPA2-PSK (AES).

Same here and no issues. The encryption type is not the issue.

2017-12-04, 13:06
Whenever I have had an SB3 issue, it was DNS rather than wireless security related. Typically assigning a fixed IP address on the router fixed it.

Is the timeout until it doesn't work always the same? If so the advanced config options on the router may allow u to correlate the issue with a timer.