View Full Version : output freeze (flac decode)

2017-11-13, 04:27

I have an installation of LMS on my NAS synology 215J.
As client, I have a raspberry pi 1 plugged with USB to amplificator SMSL Q5 PRO.
I use PiCorePlayer to run raspberry pi with squeezelite.
I want to play FLAC files.

According to this list of configuration of USB-DAC (available on List-of-USB-DACs of picoreplayer site)
I configured it with “sysdefault:CARD=AMP“:
11/24/2016 17:20:09 SMSL Q5 PRO 44.1 kHz v3.02 Knut sysdefault:CARD=AMP

All works fine, the SMSL decode correctly FLAC files.
BUT, when I switch off the SMSL (not the raspberry pi 1), and after several time I switch on the SMSL, the raspberry pi try to decode FLAC alone, but the processor are not able to do that, so, the audio freeze.

I have to restart squeezelite to rework again.

I always would like to decode audio by USB-DAC when it is switch on.

How can I do that?