View Full Version : Also help needed to install IQaudIO rotary encoder in piCorePlayer

2017-11-10, 04:19
I have the same problem with getting the rotary encoder running with the IQaudIO DAC like in the thread of mroerup from 2017-10-03. Unfortunately I am a beginner with Linux & Co and therefore looking a little bit helpless at that topic. When I open pCP with ssh I even cannot execute any command, so I think I have to change into any other directory? Or can I do the download and start of that package via the pCP tweak page?
I would be happy if I could get some more detailed information.
Many thanks

2017-11-15, 09:50
Hello again,
is nobody here in the forum who can or will help? Am I the only one who wants to work with a rotary encoder ?
I would be happy if somebody would help a little bit.


2017-11-15, 10:31
A few are using them. Take a look at this thread.


2017-11-17, 11:10
Thank you paul,

with this thread I could get the rotary encoder running. In the beginning I thought that the volume control is not working, but I realized after certain checks that you need to turn a lot the rotary encoder until you realize the change. It is nice to have such a delicate volume control, when you know the control is working but in the beginning you think there is something wrong.