View Full Version : Duet Controller not working. Pls help!

2017-11-09, 07:40
Suddenly my controller starts blinking with all buttons. The Logitech logo appears shortly and it starts over and over again in a loop for 4 seconds. The battery measures 2,7v. Any attempt to do a reset fails.
Can this be a battery problem?
Exactly the same happens if the battery is removed and the controller is in the dock.

2017-11-09, 15:18
That does not seem to me like just a dead battery. Especially if the same thing happens when you remove the battery completely. While I cannot point out the reason for this happening, I can offer you something better maybe.
I 've had a Controller around for some years now with a failed display. Everything else works perfectly. As the display is Unobtanium nowadays, I won't resurrect the thing so there is no use for it anyway, even though most of it is working.
So why not make one good out of two bad units? If you send me your controller, I could swap its mainboard against the one from my controller. That should bring it back to life for sure. You only need to reconfigure it once you have it back.


2017-11-10, 02:39
Thank you Joe. Your offer is kind.
Yesterday evening it was suddenly working fine as usual, and this morning not.
I have now connected an external lab power supply directly to the controller. And now it is charging the battery and work fine. So the problem is the dock, or more likely the plug inn power supply. It is obvious not able to deliver the current 1A. But it is easy to just cut the wire and use another 5v unit. Thanks!