View Full Version : Unmounting USB mounts at piCorePlayer 3.22

2017-11-06, 13:47

I have a piCorePlayer 3.22 running on RPI 3 Model B with an attached USB stick for LMS cache and a network share for the music.

Recently, I wanted to test mounting my music USB HDD drive as a second USB mount in piCorePlayer. Worked perfectly, then I removed the USB HDD drive and rebooted piCorePlayer.

After that, LMS and Squeezelite did not start any more because at startup the second mounted USB drive was not available. And I was not able to remove the mount in the Web interface. I had to plug the USB HDD drive in again, reboot and then disable the mount. Only then, LMS and Squeezelite started normally at the next reboot.

Is this behaviour intended? Unmounting USB drives only possible if the drive is plugged in? I thought it could happen that an USB stick breaks and then it would be impossible to replace it.

To be clear: This was not a big problem for me, nevertheless I thought to share this experience in case this is not intended.

And: Thanks for this great piece of SW!!!

2017-11-06, 14:53
Yes, this is as intended. Reason being, is that LMS does not like it when libraries disappear. And if the cache was not mounted, We don't want LMS starting. I had a way to clear it without it being attached to the system, I'll check, if not I'll look at adding an option.