View Full Version : my radio is dying

2017-10-30, 05:44
i'm having issues with my squeezebox radio, i don't know wht but after some minutes my radio is switched off even if it is powered. maybe the battery is dying? coumd be the power connector? sometimes i hear the bip when it is powered other times no.

2017-10-30, 09:06
One of the weak spots on the Radio is the power connector. My main bedroom radio was used occasionally on battery, but I've found it very hard to get the battery to start charging again after unplugging the power cord, that I just leave it plugged in and try not to move it too much so as not to disturb the power connection. I believe there are other threads on the power connection for the Radio. I don't know if anyone figured out how to replace the connector (or if that's even the underlying issue).
I would try "wiggling" the power connector, and see if the charging indicator changes to show that the device is receiving power.

2017-10-30, 11:01
I have had mine turn off when it was plugged in as well. I hadn't noticed that it wasn't charging. As stated above if it does not charge then remove and reinsert the plug until you hear the beep.

2017-11-02, 02:22
i had issues with radio, boom and older slimdevices,only touch have never had hardware problems.

this radio issue is terrible