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David Miller
2005-01-03, 05:00
DAB is supported using the PSION Wavefinder connected to a Windows box and there are some details on how to set this up on the Slimserver FAQ that's accessible from your server's browser interface. Of course if the BBC among others just streamed their internet services in MP3 rather than crappy RealAudio or WMA, even DAB wouldn't be necessary (except where very high quality is desired).

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How plausible is it to get DAB on SqueezeBox? I'm planning to put my first
SqueezeBox in a room that currently has no audio. I can either get a simple
powered speaker system; or a DAB tuner with speakers, into which the
SqueezeBox can go. The former is obviously cheaper; and I'm hoping that it
would also have the advantage of avoiding having to juggle two remotes; but
we listen to a lot of Radio 4. So I'm wondering how realistic it is to
expect to listen to DAB over squeezebox, day in and day out - and how I'd do

Looking around the forum etc, it seems that one way involves a Wavefinder,
a Windows server, and DABbar, plus a plug-in; and another involves AlienBBC
and the internet. Is there a linux or MacOS X alternative to DABbar, that
would allow a real DAB radio device to be accessed via the Squeezebox? And
how well does that work anyway? (NB: my partner is a technophobe - though
she very quickly learned to love the TiVO - I'd prefer to avoid skanky
solutions.) Or would it be better just to get a normal hardware radio, and
put a squeezebox on top of that for the static music collection?


- Ben