View Full Version : Online radio won't play after clean Windows 10 install when VPN is on...

2017-10-19, 04:21
Hallo Squeezebox Forum :)

I have a problem with playing online radiostations on my Squeezebox Duet, Squeezebox Radio and my Squeezebox Boom.
My PSU unit in my computer has died some days ago but while repairing my computer, the computershop also installed a new Windows 10.
Now, after the new Windows 10 install online stations won't play while my VPN service (ExpressVPN) is on, but I can browse and play my FLAC files from my computer. So the problem only occurs while trying to play the online radiostations.
When I don't use my VPN service online stations play just fine...

I had this same problems too about an year ago, but the problem solved itself. After some time the radio stations played too when my VPN was on. I really don't know how it got solved...

I don't have a clue how to fix this problem right now, but I'm sure here's someone who can help me out. Much thanks in advance and greetings from Holland :)