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2017-10-18, 06:53
My System
- Squeezebox server 7.8 on Server 2016
- 2 zones
- Downstairs:
- 2 squeezebox radios and 1 squeezebox V3
- Synched for streaming and on/off, volume is unsynched
- Upstairs:
- 2 Squeezebox radios (in bedrooms), 1 JBL Soundfly Air (in bathroom)
- Synched for streaming, on/off, volume

Generally, I want to set up the zones and not worry about them. Downstairs is pretty much OK, the problem is upstairs. I've recently added the JBL Soundfly for the bathroom (as I just discovered the Airplay Bridge), it's perfect as it simply plugs into to the socket (takes up no sink space and there are no cords around the sink). The problem is that the JBL is too loud when volume synched with the other radios. I've tried not having the Soundfly volume sync, but then when the alarm comes on, the Radios sync with Soundfly volume defeating the objective. I've tried SyncOptions, which worked for the upstairs zone but screwed up the downstairs zone. The downstairs zone has radios in two different listening environments that have more or less noise depending on the time of day, so each radio's volume is just adjusted manually as required often by my wife and I at the same time and my wife does not appreciate it when the volume by her desk suddenly increases;) . With SyncOptions there's no way to do this its either all or nothing.

The bathroom radio (Soundfly) has no manual controls and it's impractical to adjust while in the bathroom, so it really has to just come on/off at the right time and volume. Volume is different for alarm than for evening.

I'm currently at a loss on what to try next, so any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

thank you


2017-10-18, 11:25
I'm not sure I understand why not synching volume on the players does not work for you.
Anyways, there are volume management options in Airplay Bridge (see Preferences>Advanced>Airplay Bridge), where you can tweak how the bridge maps the SB player volume scale to the Airplay volume scale. Maybe this could help.
Also, there is a VolumeLock plugin that can set a fixed value or a threshold value for players.

2017-10-18, 17:05
Thank you very much Epoch1970.

The volume management in the airplay add in did the trick.

Not synching volume does not work because one of the players in another room would be too loud at night. So yes, I could go to the other room every night and turn it down, but I would rather not have to do that.