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Gordon Whittaker
2005-01-02, 18:58
I just placed my squeezebox directly next to my Wireless Access Point ---
About 12 inches.

I am only getting 56%.

Again, I powered the squeezebox down, disconnected the power and checked all
electrical and mechanical connections with both the antenna and internally
mounted wireless network card.

After re-powering up with the unit 12" apart from the Wireless Access Point
--- 56%


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This may be a stupid question, but did you make sure the antenna was
properly attached to the squeezebox? Tighten it and play with orientation -
my Squeezebox gets 60%+ and that is through a wall.


GBWinMA (AT) aol (DOT) com wrote:

> I checked all of the connections to the antenna and everything appears
> to be fine.
> There is definitely something wrong with what I now feel is the
> wireless card. When I do get it working, within the 5 foot distance
> from the Linksys Wireless Access Point, I am only getting 24%!
> Hmmmmmmm...............