View Full Version : Apache Proxy - Invalid Referer

Stephen Nesbitt
2005-01-02, 17:51

Thanks for the info on the Apache configuration.

I've got Apache successfully proxying the slimserver except when I try to
perform any configuration - then I get a 403 Forbidden error.

In looking at my slimserver log I get an Invalid Referer error as follows:

2005-01-02 16:41:39.2615 Accepted connection 1 from
2005-01-02 16:41:39.2637 reading request...
2005-01-02 16:41:39.2644 HTTP request: from
(HTTP::Daemon::ClientConn=GLOB(0xf6b0fffc)) for GET
HTTP/1.1 /setup.html?page=server&player=00%3A04%3A20%3A05%3A56%3Aea
2005-01-02 16:41:39.2653 HTTP parameter page = server
2005-01-02 16:41:39.2660 HTTP parameter player = 00:04:20:05:56:ea
2005-01-02 16:41:39.2672 Invalid referer:
[GET /setup.html?page=server&player=00%3A04%3A20%3A05%3A56%3Aea]
2005-01-02 16:41:39.2679 generating from html/errors/403.html

In the security tab I have "Do not block Incoming Connections" and I bounced
the server - still no go.

What am I missing?