View Full Version : Spotify playlist problem: audio drops near end of track

2017-10-01, 07:56
I have a strange problem when listening to music from my Spotify playlists, using my PiCoreplayer with LMS/Spotty installed:
This is my configuration: the LMS server is part of a PiCoreplayer setup, consisting of a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Hifiberry player, and it runs fine only when using the PiCoreplayer itself (no audio drops at all).
The audio drops only occur on my Logitech Squeezebox devices: a Logitech Touch, and 2 x Logitech Radios.
It always occurs near the end (so not at the end!) of a track and it is only for 1 or 2 seconds. After that the last few seconds of the track is played back, and the start of the new track from the playlist is without any hick-ups. The same problem, however, is repeated at the end of the new track.....
Could this be caused by a buffering problem in the Squeezeboxes somehow?? I am using wired LAN connections on all devices, with new TP-Link GB switches (so no WiFi!).
In addition, I am using the most recent versions of the PiCoreplayer software, the LMS software, and the firmware of all three Logitech devices.
I am interested who has some idea how to solve this problem.