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Gordon Whittaker
2005-01-02, 17:01
OK.... I think I have grasped the way this message area works. To answer
your question, I did check out the antenna connection and actually opened
the case to see if everything is intact. It appears that the wireless card
is firmly attached as is the antenna. In fact, the Slim Devices people also
added black plastic electrical tape at the mechanical connections as an
additional assurance that nothing would loosen up.

Given all of these checks and also given the poor signal strength at only 5
feet away, it would appear that the problem is either a bad antenna, a bad
wireless card or both.


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This may be a stupid question, but did you make sure the antenna was
properly attached to the squeezebox? Tighten it and play with orientation -
my Squeezebox gets 60%+ and that is through a wall.


GBWinMA (AT) aol (DOT) com wrote:

> I checked all of the connections to the antenna and everything appears
> to be fine.
> There is definitely something wrong with what I now feel is the
> wireless card. When I do get it working, within the 5 foot distance
> from the Linksys Wireless Access Point, I am only getting 24%!
> Hmmmmmmm...............