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Gordon Whittaker
2005-01-02, 16:55
OK..... maybe I have been doing things wrong here....

Am I supposed to be reading and replying to postings via e-mail and not
through the site's postings?

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If I may interject here, I think the issue at hand is that Mr.
Whittaker's email client is not quoting the previous email's text when he
hits the Reply button, so to him it appears as a "new post".

Mr. Whittaker: you have two options here, either you can copy and paste the
text from the previous email manually, or you can try to find a way to make
your email client do the quoting on its own.

Good luck!


Gordon Whittaker wrote:
> As you can see.... your replies show up as a "reply" where as mine
> show up as a new thread.
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