View Full Version : ickstream error with Deezer

2017-09-26, 17:15
Any idea about this error? It doesn't seem to impact play on that end point "Main Floor" (or anywhere else)

Plugins::IckStreamPlugin::PlayerService::__ANON__ (1495) Error when sending playerStatusChanged for Main Floor

i'm getting this error about every 5 minutes.

Not sure if it's related but at LMS startup, I also get this error:

Plugins::IckStreamPlugin::PlayerServer::start (123) can't find daemon binary: (?-xism:^ickHttpSqueezeboxPlayerDaemon\-arm\-linux\-gnueabi$)
Plugins::IckStreamPlugin::ContentAccessServer::sta rt (125) can't find daemon binary: (?-xism:^ickHttpWrapperDaemon\-arm\-linux\-gnueabi$)

thanks... darien