View Full Version : MUSICIP with QNAP QTS 4.3.3?

2017-09-26, 15:37
I'm running LMS under QTS 4.3.3 and all is ok for my needs except that MusicIP seems to have stopped working.
Is anyone running MIP with SSOTS on QNAP 4.3.3? I am wondering if the MIP binaries are 64bit, although I thought it worked when I originally went to 4.3.

I tried de-installing MIP and re-installing. When I start MIP, I get the following:
Running MusicMagicServer /opt/ssods4/var/home/MusicIP/mmserver: line 25: /opt/ssods4/bin/start-stop-daemon: No such file or directory

The start-stop-daemon is in the opt/ssods4/bin directory..

I have 2 QNAPs and get same error on both..