View Full Version : ADD Radio with the URL in my radio section

2017-09-11, 09:35

can you help me with LMS, i want add radio in section radio but i don't knox how ?

i want to copy the stream URL and create the favorite, is it possible ?


2017-09-11, 10:07
It is possible in principle and you already solved your problem. Copy the URL and paste it on LMS Webinterface under section Radio in the URL field.
Afterwards you should be able to save it as a favorite by hitting the appropriate button right of that field. IIRC ;)

2017-09-12, 01:11
LMS > Favorites > *click pencil icon to enter edit mode* > New Favorite > *paste URL and name it* > Save

Keep in mind not all URL's will play. You need a Direct Stream URL, a URL which plays directly from the host server. Many URL's only point to the hosts web player which requires a browser (LMS and your SB player cannot access such web players).

Also try the Radio > Search function and/or browse entire Radio section by region/genre/etc... What you are looking for may already be in there. If yes you just play it and add to Favorites by clicking on the little Heart icon.

You can also add Favorites in same/similar way on MySB.com which LMS will access.

2017-09-13, 06:18
Thank toby10 et Karlek
it's ok i have my personnal radio in favorites now !