View Full Version : Player (Duet) does not power on anymore with "play"

2017-09-07, 23:32
Strange issue that I wasn't able to crack. I think it started after updating LMS to 7.9.1 - 1499358182 (yes, a few months old so I guess I should update as well) and currently affects one of my 5 players, the Duet. When I press play on a favorite (or any other item) nothing happens if the player is powered off. Any ideas why this would be, is there some setting for what happens with "play" in case the player is off? Previously it has powered the player on automatically and I've relied on this for some home automation purposes. It is not a huge deal to add the logic to power on the player first, I was mainly wondering whether there is some way to return the behavior to what it was earlier...:)

Edit: Yes, indeed the update to latest nightly seems to have solved the issue. Might be that even just a restart of the LMS would've been sufficient. If admins see it fit by all means remove the thread, it can be left as a reference though if someone else is faced with a similar issue.