View Full Version : FLAC - 1 file per CD or 1 per track?

Jason Holtzapple
2005-01-02, 10:54
--- "Brian Abbott, ACA Systems" <brian (AT) abbott (DOT) plus.com> wrote:
> Having just got a Squeezebox my project over the next few months is to rip
> my CD collection to FLAC (using EAC). At the moment it seems that ripping
> as 1 .flac file per CD would be the best option and I think I can get enough
> granularity via the .cue file to create playlists with tracks from different
> CDs/files. Am I correct? More generally what are the pros / cons of each
> approach?

Stick to 1 file per track for now. cue files are a bit buggy at the
moment in slimserver. I used to rip to 1 flac file per CD but switched to
1 file per track because it is more universally supported. If you're
concerned about 1:1 backups, you should still be able to accomplish
this with multiple flacs files - but that subject gets a bit complicated.