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Michael Haan
2005-01-02, 10:17
I personally rip each track to a seperate file because it was easier to get that to work.  That said, one benefit (I believe) with single tack files, is that you can eliminate duplicate songs that result from things like Greatest Hits albums.  FWIW, I use dbPowerAMP t rip.

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>Subject: [slim] FLAC - 1 file per CD or 1 per track?

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>Apologies if this has been asked before, but I can't see it in FAQ or

>anything recent in here ...


>Having just got a Squeezebox my project over the next few months is to rip

>my CD collection to FLAC (using EAC).  At the moment it seems that ripping

>as 1 .flac file per CD would be the best option and I think I can get enough

>granularity via the .cue file to create playlists with tracks from different

>CDs/files.  Am I correct?  More generally what are the pros / cons of each






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