View Full Version : Missing setup option

2017-08-29, 12:46
Trying to reset my Duet for wired networking and an option on the controller seems to be missing. What is missing is in the hybrid network configuration is the option to set "Next you’ll see the Wireless Connection screen, where you can
choose to “Connect using Squeezebox” or “Connect using other
wireless network”. Since you will be using the hybrid installation,
you should select “Connect using other wireless network."
This is missing from the menu..It just goes to the wireless networks available menu. Are these instructions outdated or do i have a wonky controller. Have reset the controller several times to factory default. The wired LAN connection indicator lights are illuminated, but i cannot tell if it is still connected via wireless or not.

2017-08-30, 08:27
You can tell if you are wireless by going into LMS -> Settings -> Information tab. You will see all your players listed there. Players that are connected wireless will show a % signal strength.

2017-08-31, 12:12
The Controller can be its own device, and it connects Wireless. Make sure you Choose Player, so that you are controlling the right device.