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2017-08-18, 10:25
Hi all,

was just trying to install piCorePlayer on spare Raspberry I have laying around to test it instead of Volumio or Rune, but cannot find much of documentation/wiki for support.

All that I have found is the To-Do page on the piCorePlayer home page but gives very little instructions on how to setup things.

I would like to know how to:
- setup a piCorePlayer with no networking to play only local files from USB drive
- install and use jivelite on a 3.5 touch screen
- install anything from the command line if possible, since from web pages it always hangs and gives very poor diagnostic messages

Is there any wiki or sticky thread in the forum to browse?

Thanx in advance


Greg Erskine
2017-08-18, 17:47
hi psychokiller,

Some help can be found here: http://picoreplayer.sourceforge.net/main_about.shtml

pCP wasn't initially written to run standalone, but I think it is possible.

Where have you installed LMS, locally?

The web GUI constantly asks LMS for pCP players on your system, so...

Turning off the tabs at the top may help. On the [Tweaks] page in [Beta] mode, set piCorePlayer Tabs and LMS Controls Toolbar to "no".

We only support the official "Raspberry Pi Foundation" screen, but you may find information from others that have installed others screens.

You need Tiny Core Linux experience to load things manually. It shouldn't be required once you disable the above Tabs.


2017-08-18, 21:59
> - setup a piCorePlayer with no networking to play only local files from
> USB drive

I wouldn't try to do this. The SB eco-system is heavily built around the
aspect of a networked system. Trying to get them all together without a
network is imho using the wrong tool to solve a problem. Other solutions
like volumio might be more suitable for this use case.



Man in a van
2017-08-19, 00:36
another well respected player is


be sure to read the documentation :p