View Full Version : For Sale: 3 Squeezebox Duets

2017-08-07, 13:01
Hi all,

thought i would come post this here before they go up on ebay. I have recently changed up my music server situation, and have 3 duet systems to get rid of. Completely functional, in decent shape. All three receivers, controllers, and controller docks function. The controllers have normal wear/tear on them but probably look 85-95% new. They do need new batteries. Two of the batteries seem just passable they don't hold a charge very long, one battery won't even get the controller to boot. The scroll wheels in 2 of them have pretty much lost the "clicks" but they still function perfectly. I recently replaced one of the power supplies for one of the receiver units because it went bad. All devices have been restored to factory settings. Taking all reasonable offers, shipping from Illinois. My ebay profile is bribom6pz7 and you can see i've got 57 positive ratings from selling things.

If you are interested, send me a message.