View Full Version : Picoreplayer + Jivelite loses screensavers on power cycle

2017-08-01, 19:18
Much as the title says. Running 3.21 full version and jivelite with an official Pi 7" touchscreen. If I power cycle the Pi on boot I am taken to the language selection screen where I have to select (in my case) English. Backing out to My Music leaves the previously set screensavers unselected. Surely the language and screensaver selection should be carried over?

2017-08-01, 19:28
pCP is a read only system, when you make changes, you have to explicitly run a backup.

After you setup Jivelite, run backup from the piCorePlayer Applet in Jivelite.....or run backup from the web interface.

2017-08-02, 02:07
Thank you. All good now.