View Full Version : piCorePlayer + HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro Rocks my world

2017-07-28, 16:38
I have been fighting my aging SB hardware for years now and somehow stumbled onto the piCorePlayer + HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro setup. I gave it a go and built one to give it a try. Works a charm. I built two more to run throughout my house. I control them via my iPad, phone, old iPod touch, browser, whatever I am near at the time. All in, ordered from amazon, I am at right around $425 total for three, with 16GB uSD cards, 2.5 power sup, and the nice metal black HiFi box. I am running all via the Digital Coax output of the Digi + Pro. I even use one to feed a Perpetual Technology P-1A/3A combo running SOCS room correction sw. Sounds Awesome.

Wow, I just gotta say thank you to those that made this all possible. These work great and it's SO nice to get back to using LMS to stream my music in the house. I had tried all kinds of 'other' solutions (Roku, Plex, ChromeCast), none of which gave me the control and familiarity of LMS for playback. I also use the Sync feature of LMS and have missed that for quite a while now.

What a great product and system integration of a Rpi/3, HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro and SqueezeLite. Congrats and TU to all who contributed to this system.

I use my old SB Classic to save Pandora stations to Favorites and then I can play these back on the piCP boxes.