View Full Version : What's best to run Slimserver on?

Phil Wood
2005-01-01, 07:22
Ben Rubinstein wrote:

> Q4: Are there any equivalent devices on which to run Linux
> - ie small, preferably fanless? Of course I don't really
> need a video card, sound card, any of that - I'd plan
> to run whatever it is headless, and use VNC or similar
> to control it.

Which is precisely what I'm doing. I have an older Shuttle SS40G that I
picked up on eBay for less than $200. I had to install a larger hard disk
(It serves as both a music and file server), but other than that, it's
running "as is." OS is now Fedora 3 and it's accessed via RealVNC. It's not
fanless but it does satisfy all your other requirements. And it's been
sitting on a shelf in my office continuously since the day I got my first