View Full Version : Squeezeboxserver on Raspbian Stretch

2017-07-21, 15:05
Hi, I tried to install Logitech Mediaserver 7.9 on Raspbian Stretch but the server won't start. I followed the steps in the thread Problems-running-LMS-on-Debian-Stetch to build the binaries for Perl 5.24.1 that is shipped with Stretch, but this does not help. The build finishes and ends with an rsync command that copies files, see the attached build log (2 parts due to filesize upload limit). I assume I should copy the binaries to a location where squeezebox server can find them, but I have no clue where that should be. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

2017-07-21, 15:31
Never mind, I derived from "Perl 5.24 libraries for Debian Stretch/9 armhf (Download included)" where to copy the compiled files. In my case from $src/slimserver-vendor-public-7.9/CPAN/build/arch/5.24/arm-linux-gnueabihf-thread-multi-64int/auto to /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/CPAN/arch/5.24/