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2017-07-06, 07:52
I have not used my Touch for about a year due to a PC change. I have only now decided to reconfigure the Server/Touch with the new PC.

I used to have all the BBC radio stations in my "Favourites" section of the Touch. I cannot remember how I got them in there, only that they were working when I last used it. Now the "Favourites" menu option is blank (not surprisingly).

Can anyone please help me to get the BBC radio stations back? Keep it simple - I can't remember the first thing about the Touch now, let alone any terminology :o

2017-07-06, 08:15
Hells Bells! I seem to have cracked it! Navigate to the item and save it - pretty easy!. No wonder I managed to set it up when I first got the device almost 5 years ago.

Thanks anyway :o

2017-07-06, 11:58
Have to say, this is refreshing. We don't often get newbie questions on a forum devoted to obsolete hardware! :)

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2017-07-06, 12:23
Are there not still loads of Touch users frequenting the forum?

I thought that Logitech had dropped the idea of a streaming device altogether with the Touch. Have they had a change of mind?

Not really a "newbie" but I couldn't remember my old login credentials, so had to re-register. Probably last used the forum in 2013 or 2014