View Full Version : JustBoom IR remote working with piCorePlayer?

2017-07-06, 00:29
Is it possible to make the JustBoom IR remote https://www.justboom.co/product/justboom-ir-remote/ working with PiCorePlayer.
Simple use to start/stop on/off and volume control of picoreplayer.

2017-07-06, 04:20
Yes, it does.

Here are the lircd configuration files for squeezelite (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ralph-irving/tcz-lirc/master/lircd-justboomIR) and jivelite (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ralph-irving/tcz-lirc/master/lircd-jivelite-justboomIR)

You'll need to reinstall the latest jivelite to fully support the IR remote. Simply uninstall and reinstall jivelite from the webgui tweaks page.

We also support the JustBoom USB Smart Remote, but only for jivelite. Harry Potter mode isn't available when using the rpi official 7" screen.

2017-07-06, 11:52
Great to hear! Thanx for info.