View Full Version : List etiquette: always start your post above thequoted text!

Jim McCall
2004-12-31, 09:35
>> After all, if there is a thread of 10 posts that I am reading, realistically
>> I am not going to read the quoted text.
> But what if you just started reading the discussion ?
>> It is there just for a reference if I want to see it.
> On the contrary, you should be reading it.

My point that may have been missed is that if I am reading all 10 posts,
there is no value in reading the quoted text: I have already read it in the
message body - since I am reading the conversation in time-sorted order. For
the first message perhaps I might scan the quoted text, but after that, no.
To have to re-read the already read text every time I see a message is
insane. Or to have to scroll down past the already written post is insane.

>> If I wanted to read the quoted text in each of those 10
>> posts, it would triple the time it took to plow through the thread and get
>> pretty redundant.
> This is why discussion is so poor these days - people are trying to get
> through so much material, that they don't really read what everyone else is
saying, they just want to make their statement.

I would not characterize this forum that way. Very little shouting makes
this forum a strong one for me. For the topics I am interested, I read them
(if I could only find some more time...)

> And, of course, the above is an example of why top posting doesn't work -
> because one can need to refer to more than one statement.

I have not found that to be a problem. I view my messages threaded.
Regardless of some governing body who deems their wisdom paramount, I find
top posting effective and clear. I don't agree with their viewpoint and
don't even like the idea that a single organization can specify appropriate
policy for each organization in the entire world. They are definition
obscure because of their "my way or the highway" belief system.


John L Fjellstad
2004-12-31, 13:12
Why quote the whole message when you are not replying to any specific
points? That's something I really don't understand about top-posters.

John L. Fjellstad
web: http://www.fjellstad.org/ Quis custodiet ipsos custodes