View Full Version : [Audiophile] Squeezebox doesn't work with Cyrus DACX

Mark Bennett
2004-12-31, 05:21

For those that are interested I tested the Squeezebox with the Cyrus
DACX external DAC, and we couldn't get it to work. This was using
Server 5.3.1 & Firmware 39, which was what was happened to be left
on my laptop from a previous demo. I'm not aware of any significant
changes related to digital outs recently, so I would guess that
whatever the problem is, it's probably still there in the current

The DACX recognises signal, and correctly identifies it's 44.1kHz,
but we couldn't hear any music coming out. We tried both RCA and
optical leads, and several inputs on the DAC, but the same story
with all of them.

This is the first modern external DAC (it's less than 6 months from
product release) that I remember seeing reported that *doesn't* work
with the Squeezebox - it's mainly been older DAC's.

This isn't a problem for me, because I elected not to go for the
Cyrus system anyway, but I thought I'd make anyone else who
might be interested aware.

For the record, the Benchmark DAC-1 was exceptional using it's
balanced outputs fed into a balanced AMP.

One friend has also reported excellent results using the Chord DAC64,
although I haven't yet had the opportunity to listen to it.


Mark Bennett <mark (AT) markandliz (DOT) co.uk>