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Dondi Fusco
2004-12-30, 14:35
Also, if that second drive is located on another
machine.... you need to give SlimServer access using a
valid account in your Workgroup/Domain....

Under SERVICES, find the SlimServer service and
double-click. Under the LOG ON tab, select the THIS
ACCOUNT radio button and type in a valid Administrator
login name & password. This will let the Slim Server
have access to other volume shares on the network.

This gets rid of the "Oooops doesnt appear to be a
valid location etc." dialog when selecting MUSIC
FOLDER location

-- Dondi

--- Eric Goebelbecker <egoebelbecker (AT) gmail (DOT) com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running SlimServer 5.4.1 on Windows XP Pro SP2.
> I would like to be
> able to store music
> on more than one physical drive, but cannot get the
> server to scan the
> second one.
> I browsed the list archives and saw at least oe
> person being told to
> add a shortcut to the second drive on the first. Ive
> tried this to no
> avail.
> Has anyone gotten this to work?
> --
> ----------------------------------
> Eric Goebelbecker
> eric (AT) ominor (DOT) net