View Full Version : Multiple Drives on WIndows XP

Dondi Fusco
2004-12-30, 14:30
I am not sure how you are wanting to use multiple
drives.... but... you can add the first drive to the
music folder, save it as a playlist (something like
"ALL" and leave it as the current playlist) and then
switch your music folder to the second drive, and ADD
TO PLAYLIST, and your current playlist should have all
the music; then resave the playlist as ALL.

Once you switch the MUSIC FOLDER, you lose search
capabilities on the old MUSIC FOLDER. Only the current
MUSIC FOLDER is searchable etc.

Alternatively, depending on where your 'multiple
drives' are located, you can create a spanned volume
with WinXP if these drives are located on a single
machine, then you could have a single location for
your Music Folder

-- Dondi

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