View Full Version : Squeezelite randomly and frequenty causes 100% cpu usage for a few seconds

2017-04-30, 15:09
Hello everyone,

I have installed squeezelite from the git repository with the newest current head revision onto my arch linux server.
The server runs both LMS and squeezelite with a usb sound card attached to the server.
This has worked for a long time but recently I have been getting these very frequent lags (every 5 seconds roughly) that cause the entire server to freeze for 2-3 seconds.
I am not using pulse audio but alsa.

When i check the cpu usage with "top" I can see that whenever the lag happens the CPU usage of squeezelite goes from under 10% to 100% for the duration of the lag.

The logs in info mode seem to coincide with the following trace pretty much whenever this lag happens:

[00:07:22.249536] output_thread:655 XRUN

I launch squeezelite with the following command:

/usr/bin/squeezelite -a 80 -n Wohnzimmer -m abc -f /var/log/squeezelite.log -d all info -s localhost -C 3

The server is certainly powerful enough to not be at 100% cpu for squeezelite.

Any idea what is going on here?
Thanks for any input!