View Full Version : Solution to RF Interference on AM radio when Squeeze Boxis powered up

Charlie Richman
2004-12-30, 07:03
Jeff wrote:

> Is it safe to assume coax will transmit the
> interference just as the rca cables do?

I'm a long-time electonics amateur, not an engineer --
but that's what I would expect.

And Sean added:

> I'll talk to our power supply vendor about
> this, and see if there's something we can
> implement short of using a different supply.
> We have received very favorable feedback for
> the tiny power supplies - most products still
> come with the ancient "brick" style, which is
> cheaper, but a PITA to fit in a power strip
> (and more expensive to ship because of the
> weight).

Agreed. Sounds good.

> I'm curious if you tried optical toslink
> instead of the RCAs. That will block any
> conducted rf between the systems.

I expect it would, but my stereo is early 90s Adcom
--low-end audio snob gear that's 100% analog.

(Of course, that raises the question of whether to
try the inexpensive external DAC others have


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