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2017-04-17, 23:47
Hi all,

I have a DAC called Sabreberry. I got 3 of them and tested them with PiCore 3.11 and DAC settings I-Sabre-ES9023 DAC

Two of them are working fine but one not.

The one not working I hear the source playing but also noise as loud as the source, little like pink noise. I thought the DAC maybe damaged so I got new one and some more.
Problem is the same. Then I tested the DAC with the volumio player. and on this it works. So I think it is a settings issue

Following infos I have on the DAC

no I2C needed
no I2S clock
no EEProm
should work with hifiberry-dac-overlay

Ive tested all Sabre DAC and hifiberry DAC on the Picore Player 3.11 and the 3.20 beta. But problem is still the same.

Some idea of how I could get them working on the PiCore?
Is there a way to configure or change the existing DACs in the list?

Thanks a lot

2017-04-17, 23:52
Here I have a list of sample rates it should work but I'm not to deep into this issue to know whats up with this.


Framerates to 45.1584 should work
I should set 192fs oder 128fs and 96 with 382fs or 256fs but I don't know what it means

The DAC is from here http://muc89.com/minidac/i2s-dac/sabreberry.html

Pascal Hibon
2017-04-21, 08:59
Two of them are working fine but one not.

That sounds like an hardware problem. The one who isn't working is most probably broken.
You should contact your seller and issue a warranty claim.