View Full Version : Solution to RF Interference on AM radio when Squeeze Boxispowered up

Matthew Horn
2004-12-30, 02:49
> On Behalf Of
> Jeff Shanholtz

> Since I also have confirmed
> that the noise is reaching my receiver via the rca cables,
> obviously the toslink cable will eliminate the interference.
> However, my preference otherwise is to go with coax. Is it
> safe to assume coax will transmit the interference just as
> the rca cables do?

It sounds a bit like an earth loop problem. You could try connecting a earth
wire between the two devices to see if this cures it. If you have a volt
meter you can measure the PD between an earth point on the squeeze box and
an earth point on your amp (not the RCA ground). You may find a voltage
between the two, however not finding one doesn't prove that there is a
problem, although I'm sure one of the electrical wizards here should be able
to advise better.

This happens all the time in car stereo installations, if amps and headunits
do not use the same earth point they pick up all sorts of interference with
alternators and ignition.