View Full Version : Amazon Image code update

Victor Brilon
2004-12-30, 01:22
I've updated my script that automates the retrieval of album covers from
Amazon so you can display them in your Slim web interface.

The current version is 1.5beta, and will become 1.5 proper in a few days
if no one finds any serious bugs in it.

Major changes in this version include:
- You now have to only install 2 external modules. Everything else is
picked up from your Slim software install
- The script should be able to process pretty much any format that the
Slim software can deal with (i.e., MP3, Ogg, AIFF, Shorten, etc). This
feature needs lots of testing, so please give the code a try if you have
a large library of music in that format.

Full description, code download, and random cries for help are at: