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2017-04-05, 01:44
This isn't directly related to my Logitech Media Sever directly but it does effect the LMS so I am hoping some of the great experts on here may be able to help.
I have recently set up a Synology DS216j on my network to hold my media and for backup purposes. It works but...
Out of the box it comes with a server name of "diskstation". On setup I changed this to "NAS1"
I have smb set up which works. I have also set up NFS which works but i noticed when trying to mount the share on my vortexbox that i had to use the IP address and not the server name of NAS1.
I then noticed that the DMS web admin page on Linux can't see the server NAS1:5000 but it can see diskstation:5000.
Oddly on Windows NAS1:5000 works and diskstation:5000 doesn't.
I have checked the contents of /etc/hostname on the Nas and, as expected, it contains NAS1.
I am confused as to why my Linux machine can't see NAS1 on the network but my windows machines can see it. More oddly I'm confused as to why my Linux machine can still see the diskstation name at all.
Anyone any ideas please?
Any help greatly appreciated.

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2017-04-06, 08:51
Hmm. I can't summarize the different possibilities in a legible post. So:
Do you have a local DNS service and a domain name? Do you know for sure the DNS service is linked with hostnames that get leases from the DHCP server?

NAS1 could be sent by Samba over Netbios, and diskstation by zeroconf aka bonjour aka mDNS aka avahi (or via upnp?).
There is a distinct possibility your clients can manage names without a proper DNS server, but their fallback policy differ.

2017-04-06, 10:01
Thanks for the reply epoch1970. My router is providing local DNS. Can't remember the domain name setup offhand but I like your thinking and perhaps with a bit of googling i can get to the bottom of it. I may be back with more questions though 😉.
Thanks again for the pointers.

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2017-04-07, 02:34
Ok so having a DNS server, I would check the DHCP-DNS link works. E.g. add a computer to the network as a DHCP client, and check you can ping it by name from a linux machine.
If this works fine, then I would suspect there is something like a dhclient.conf file in the NAS, and this file specifies a host name different than /etc/hostname.
Before going through the guts of the NAS, a look at the DHCP server log, if available, could confirm the theory.

2017-04-07, 04:26
OK thanks epoch, so I have successfully pinged several of my devices by name both from windows and Linux (Although a couple of pings from windows failed "could not find host" I think that is individual device set ups). Ping to the NAS using the current server name of diskstation works from both windows and linux.
I'll have a dig and see if I can find a dhclient.conf file.
In answer to your previous post I don't currently have a domain name set up. Most of the reading I have done suggest this is optional and I haven't needed one to date using samba. Do I need to set one up now to use NFS? I'm guessing not because it is working at the moment albeit I can't change the server name.

2017-04-07, 08:09
I have had a ssh around the DS and in /etc/dhclient there is a file dhclient.conf.example so i guess not an active dhclient.conf

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