View Full Version : Time-out for connecting to Playlists in Spotify Core??

2017-04-02, 13:13
My Squeezebox Duet is fully connected, can play music from my NAS and has access to Spotify Core. Within Spotify, I can find artists and albums and play them. However, I seem unable to open my Playlists. After a few moments of "rolling the wheel" the controller just says "time-out for connecting". I don't get it, this used to work fine. What makes playlists so special that they can't be accessed? I've already deleted a particularly large playlist (over 3000 tracks) thinking that this might be the cause of too much strain on the connection, but it didn't matter. After manually resetting the Squeezebox Receiver (by pressing the button until the red light blinks rapidly) I've managed to gain access to playlists briefly. But when I wanted to change to another playlist, the same thing happened again. Any solution here?

2017-04-02, 21:58
It's a known issue with Triode's Spotify plugin. Check out related threads.

Solution is using Logitech's implementation with the Spotify Protocol
Handler plugin.