View Full Version : iPeng - Player disappeared into the MySqueezebox hole...

2017-04-01, 12:08
Hopefully this is just a simple problem that I can't figure out because I'm at the super frustrated stage...


Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 (Win7)
iPeng 8.2.1
iPhone 5 w/ IOS 8.4.1

I have 3 players:

iPod (some pre lightening version)

I'm using iPeng with the iPhone & was trying to sync one player with another. I always do this wrong somehow. In any case, I think I dragged my Squeezebox2 into MySqueezebox (which I never use for anything, ever). Now I can't find it in iPeng at all. When I start the Squeezebox, it asks if I want to create an account. I can't find a way to rehome it to my LMS server.

Please help me I am lost. :p

2017-04-01, 14:14
Looks like you have not registered iPeng on MySqueezebox.com.
You can change this using the "i" behind MySqueezebox.com in iPeng.

Does this help?

2017-04-01, 14:28
I haven't done that (or at least I don't think so) because I never had any need to. But I was able to see MySqueezebox.com in Other Music Sources. If I touched it, it would let me choose which player to send there (or cancel). But whatever I did initially -- my SB2 wasn't there to choose and point to the local network. It was just gone.

What I ended up doing was pulling the plug on the Squeezebox2, then when it restarted, pressing the right arrow within a few seconds to enter setup. That allowed me to choose the local LNS server. Not the most elegant solution but at least I'm back to "normal" & can see it in iPeng as well.

2017-04-01, 19:40
Yes, it's a bit problematic.
iPeng doesn't really have a good way to determine, whether it's already registered on MySqueezebox.com (MySB manages that, not iPeng) and if it's not, as soon as you send a player there iPeng can no longer see it.
If you register iPeng on MySqueezebox.com it will see the player there, too, and you can pull it back.