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Matthew Horn
2004-12-29, 13:40
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> I wouldn't do that null share thing.

Why not? So long as you set appropriate permissions on the files themselves
and are aware that anything on your network can access them that is ok

> You can easily provide
> the Windows Service with access the share. Either give the
> SERVICE user permissions to the share

Can you grant the service account of another machine access or is it only
the local service account?

> OR change the logon
> settings for the SlimServer service to one with permissions
> to the share. I'd recommend the latter but it's your choice.

That would be a good way to do it if you didn't want to do a null share.
i.e. setup a user account called for example slim on both machines (assuming
you are not running AD) with the same password, and grant the account
permission to the share. One question though, will the slim service run as
a restricted user or does it need any write or admin access? Obviously it
will need logon as service rights.