View Full Version : List etiquette: always start your post above thequotedtext!

Matthew Horn
2004-12-29, 13:09

> Obviously, there is disagreement to my belief - fair enough.

I'd really suggest you read the RFC link I posted, it explains where you
should post, what to quote and the many good reasons for it. RFCs are the
'law' that the Internet is based on, so there will be an RFC for example
from how a website should be written with a text only copy available, to how
the http protcol should be structured.

In the UK here (and indeed the whole EU) from early next year many companies
will find them selves at the wrong end of legal proceedings, the RFCs are
pretty much unpoliced, with many websites not having a text only (i.e. not
flash) website, these are pretty much unreadable to people who are unable to
use a normal PC (for example a visually impared person who uses a screen
reader). New laws called the disibility discrimination act are having their
final phase implemented which covers electronic communications. Website
readers are unable to read flash animations and hence companies will fall
foul of new laws.

> if there is a thread of 10 posts that I am
> reading, realistically I am not going to read the quoted
> text.

Quoted text should always be pruned so that it is clear as to what you are
replying to, this way it's easy to skip the quoted text if wanted but to
read it if requierd. Again the RFC link I posted explains it much better
than I can.

> The one thins that seems to be agreed upon is that it is a
> bad idea to have a long quoted post

I think what you are looking for is that quoted text should be relevant.