View Full Version : List etiquette: always start your post above thequoted text!

Jim McCall
2004-12-29, 12:46
Obviously, there is disagreement to my belief - fair enough.

I would say that the issue that Phil pointed out is a bit of a red herring.
After all, if there is a thread of 10 posts that I am reading, realistically
I am not going to read the quoted text. It is there just for a reference if
I want to see it. If I wanted to read the quoted text in each of those 10
posts, it would triple the time it took to plow through the thread and get
pretty redundant.

I still say that the best way to follow the thread is to have the post at
the top of the page where it can be rapidly be absorbed. I won't pretend to
have ownership of the truth here, since opinions are all over the map and
behaviors are likewise.

The one thins that seems to be agreed upon is that it is a bad idea to have
a long quoted post followed by the new text at the bottom.


> I would say the opposite. Always quote what you are replying to first. It
> makes more sense when you are reading through. However, I would also say that
> people should only quote the part of the post that is being responded to, not
> the whole message, which is pointless. It is annoying when you see a two-page
> quote, followed by "I agree" or some such short reply.
> Therefore there shouldn't be much to read before getting to the new post
> content.
> Phil