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2017-03-16, 05:37
I'm looking for a bit of advice from all the knowledgeable folk on here :-)
I currently have quite a few Squeezebox devices round the house. I don't have a server. My main PC is on 24/7 and all my music and movies are on an external HDD. LMS runs on the PC. I like LMS. It's fast to navigate my music round the house and from what I've read here it's still pretty much the best solution for large music libraries.

My daughter currently streams movies to a WDTV Live box. It works fine, but it's interface is so slow. The good thing about it is it's ability to pull movies straight from my PC without additional server software running.
I'm looking at more modern and faster alternatives for streaming the movies....eg, Amazon Fire stick, Chromecast, Roku. They all seem to require something like Plex running on my PC?
So my questions are -

1. Is it ok to run LMS and Plex together on PC?
2. Is there a better solution that just pulls movies from PC like the old WDTV live does?
3. Should I bite the bullet and get a separate server for music and Movies?

All suggestions are welcome :-))
Thanks in advance

2017-03-16, 06:07
Hi there,
Your points treated in order ;)

Plex and LMS together is no issue. It's been an "out-of-the-box" option on vortexbox for quite a while already
Raspberry Pi + KODI are quite a bit more performant than either your current solution or the alternatives you've been looking at. I'd propose looking at either LibreElec (pure KODI) or Max2play (combination LMS + KODI + squeezelite)
Again Raspberry Pi, with either PiCorePlayer or Max2Play, would be a more economical and ecological solution compared to running you PC 24/7

2017-03-16, 07:10
Chromecast plays nice together with both LMS and Plex. You need a smartphone to control it.

2017-03-16, 16:11
Thanks for the info guys !
I'll take a look at your suggestions. She says she'd just like a remote to control the movies instead of doing it through smartphone.

2017-03-16, 18:17
She says she'd just like a remote to control the movies instead of doing it through smartphone.
Roku supports Plex very well and it comes with a remote. I run Plex alongside LMS on a Windows PC with no problem.

2017-03-17, 09:37
I use a Roku stick plugged into a TV along with Plex, which is running with LMS on a Fedora based VortexBox. It streams movies wirelessly from a headless server in the basement.

2017-03-19, 15:45
I use (and strongly recommend) Rasplex on a Raspberry Pi. There are instructions for installing Squeezelite on it, which gives you the best of both worlds. You can even use different audio outputs, like HDMI for Plex and a DAC for Squeeze.