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2017-03-07, 06:48
Hi all,
I am running LMS on a headless vortexbox at the moment just for music.
I want to try the Plex server out for video .
I have installed the plex server but I can't find a way to login to configure it.
Ideally I'd like it to serve video from a network attached drive and not from the vorextbox storage if that's possible.
But first I need to know how to get into it to set it up.
Anyone any ideas?
Any help greatly appreciated.

2017-03-07, 07:09

replace with your VB IP address

2017-03-07, 07:20
It's a Long time since I meddled with Plex, and never on a Fedora setup (VB), but this is from the Plex forums:


On a Different Network

If you're on a different network than the Server computer, you'll first need to set up a SSH tunnel so that you can access things as if they were local. This is only necessary for the initial setup.

OS X or Linux Open a Terminal window or your command prompt Enter the following command (substituting the IP address of your Server as appropriate): ssh ip.address.of.server -L 8888:localhost:32400 Open a browser window Type http://localhost:8888/web into the address bar The browser will connect to the Server as if it were local and load Plex Web App

Maybe this helps.

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2017-03-07, 08:24
Thanks guys, much appreciated.
I'll have a look and report back.

2017-03-07, 16:46

replace with your VB IP address

You should now have a Plex icon on your VB browser home page. It will take you to this URL.

2017-03-10, 12:40
Got it going, thanks guys. I had to install it manually from the command line. Once done it appears in the vortexbox webui.
Moving on, does anyone know how to mount an external network drive on the vortexbox? I have a 3Tb USB connected to my router with a samba share on it which I can see from all my network clients through their desktop gui's but dammed if I can get it to mount from the vortexbox. Either from the GUI or using fstab.
Anyone know how to do it?

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