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2004-12-28, 12:46
And it's clear that you don't either. Web forums are ok
for people who aren't busy or who sit in front of a desk all
day with not very much to do.

Slim Devices has provided a forum. I don't have access to
any fora from work, but I can get all the e-mail I want. I
also download what I don't get to and my car stereo
interfaces with my ipod to play back all my e-mail on my drive
home. Text-to-speech is wonderful. It's hard to download
that sort of stuff from a forum when 1) it's not possible
and 2) I don't have access to it in the first place.

nntp is great for people who like newsreaders. I can't
stand them myself, but it's nice that SlimDan has provided
the forum. My dad - who hates e-mail - is retired, and
he's got all the time he wants to sit in front of a computer
and read it all.


>>> jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net 12/28/2004 2:05:40 PM >>>
Yes, I can surely think of my mother, brother or girlfriend setting up
configuring an NNTP client all on their own without any help. It's
play for any joe 6 pack consumer to configure a newsreader versus
typing in
a web URL and clicking their way through something (it's very clear
some of you just don't get it).

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> I think that they are looking for something that is more accessible
> with broader appeal to the masses than [N]NTP.

That would be a poor decision. Newsreaders offer a far better
interface and
a great deal more flexibility than any web forum interface. I read
mailing list with a newsreader via the mail-to-nntp gateway at
and it's great!

An ideal web forum would bridge between the web interface and nntp
gmane.org offers this sort of interface, as do the forums for LUGnet
(http://www.lugnet.com/news/groups/). This would allow users to
whichever interface they prefer.

-- Lars